Raising supply-chain performance to new levels using Digital transformation

The combination of digital applications with operational changes helps yield significant performance improvements that stand the test of time. Digital TaaS has proven capabilities solving problem use cases via #DigitalTransformation, leveraging latest technology trends using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning powered engines to recommend configuration and predict analysis that enable effective decision making by senior leadership and management teams within #SupplyChain organizations’ seeking to yield result-based outcomes.

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The new technology trends in 2021 everyone must get ready for now

It might seem strange to be making predictions about 2021, when it’s far from certain how the remainder of 2020 is going to play out. No-one foresaw the world-changing events of this year, but one thing is clear: tech has been affected just as much as every other part of our lives.Another thing that is clear is that today’s most important tech trends will play a big part in helping us cope with and adapt to the many challenges facing us. From the shift to working from home to new rules about how we meet and interact in public spaces, tech trends will be the driving force in managing the change.

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The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence trends everyone should be watching out in near future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly been the technology story of the 2010s, and it doesn’t look like the excitement is going to wear off as a new decade dawns.

The past decade will be remembered as the time when machines that can truly be thought of as “intelligent” – as in capable of thinking, and learning, like we do – started to become a reality outside of science fiction.

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